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Monday, 10 September 2018

Does age really matters in a relationship?

*As a man, can you marry a lady that is older than you and vice verse*
Let see people's opinion below
👉Your age doesn't define your maturity, your grades don't define your intelligence, and rumors don't define who you are.

👉Marriage as nothing to do with  age 
*By: Kolawole*

👉Age are just numbers, what is important is *love,maturity and respect* 
Note: maturity is not about age
*By: D. Inspiration*

👉But there won't be respect if a lady marry a man she's older than
*By: Elizabeth*

👉My own contribution to the discussion topic is that "Age" didn't not mean anything in marriage... Three things mean or makes marriage,these are Love, commitment and endurance...Let me share my little experience with you guys, one of my auntie's friend married a man that's he is 3years older than. What I will say is to admonish any lady who might find herself in that situation is to firstly ask herself if she would submit to the man when they get married if not then, she shouldn't go into the marriage but what matters most in marriage is the the three things I listed above... Thanks
*By: Miracle*

👉 I have 3families like that.
What they did was that, they exchanged d age for each other. If not we that we are close to them that know everything, no body can  boldly say the wives aged more than d husband and they are all living happily.
*By:  Mr Simple*

👉will of God?


There was a reason God created Adam first and not Eve.
*By: Eoladoyin4*

👉The guy should be older..
Age difference might not b much..but still d fact he is older..
*By : Sydnie*

👉It's not compulsory that the guy is older than the lady , God creating Adam before Eve doesn't support this discussion, If God had used that to instruct us specifically on this, then different verses from words of God should support also.
What matter most is love love and love
*By: Ridwan*
In this type of situation, African perspective or Nigeria perspective shouldn't be only taken into consideration , the disagreement about lady older than guy in marriage can only be traced to African nations .
This is one of coerce beliefs that we struggle to let go.
In other parts of the world ,it's different ,many of what we considered wrong here are considered norms !
A lady older than a guy is never wrong at all,  how old was Joseph the dreamer when he married his wife ? 🤷🏼‍♂
Was Joseph not pious ?
*By: Ridwan*

👉some might strt quoting 'age are just numbers'
or love is love n all that..pls

To me i bliv..we are clueless as to what love and marriage is.Thunking once u start experiencing nice feelings for someone,it means you r in love and automatically d next step is to bcome their spouse.
In a marriage,i bliv feelings are not enof,readiness matters.It is like having d needed knowledge to get a job done but lacking d required traits.
*By: Sydnie*

👉No other choice, God's will is always perfect
*By: D. Inspiration*

👉Have seen many occasions in which the wife is older than the husband.and when they were questioned, they said it is God's will. 
I know God is not a God of confusion.
*By: Eoladoyin4*

👉There are alot of cases in which the husband is older than the wife and the family has no peace. Maturity is not measure by age ....
Age are just number. 
I want to ask a question👇👇
What make it difference. Is there any disadvantage?

Since the answer is no, then there is nothing bad in it. And from my research, we only consider age  in Africa especially Nigeria
*By: D. Inspiration*

👉Am dating a guy I'm older than though it's matter of months, not because there are no other guys asking me out but because the love and understanding is there 
There was no age limit 🤷‍♀
*By Chinny*

👉My opinion. Age really dose not matter in marriage because age is not maturity, you can be 50yrs yet you behave like you are 15 or 20yrs also the other way round so age is not maturity.
Also it is understa
nding that matters the bible says wife be submissive no matter your age you must submit to your husband, either you are older than him or not you must submit because God has commanded it once you understand this as a lady, then move on with the marriage.
And again as a lady the moment you say yes I do to the guy it doesn't matter if you are older than him you should no you have subdued your age under the guy.
Thank you all
*By Uriah*
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