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Wednesday, 3 October 2018


Leadership or no leadership what will be will be, the one that sees the present, the future and past already knows who will be. Remember our faith has author and finisher.

What am saying in essence is that, voting for someone comes from your mind and your mind is either controlled by you or your maker.

For your mind to be convinced and Likeness pumped up in you for the candidate you want to vote for,  it takes a spirit of conviction, this is for the unseen purpose to be fulfilled.

It is not he that worketh but God that Grant.
From Ephesians 3:1, once you are imprisoned by God, you will work for him in what ever direction or over any part.

Now any leader that emerge, either he is doing what is expected of him or not,  he can't please everybody because he is not God.

What we should pray for is God's imprisonment as written In Ephesians 3:1, only this will make him serve God for you.

Do your best to vote in the right consciousness and leave the rest for *the one who already knows future*

* D. Inspiration

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