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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

How to become successful

1. Potential
    2. Passion
    3. Vision
    4. Determination
    5. Seriousness
    6. Selflessness
    7. Total control.
    8. Postive mind set

 1. Potential: this is the most versatile element in human, You may have the same physical appearance with someone else but you have something inside of you that makes you difference from him/her and that's your talent. That's the first thing you should identify, to know where to go, how to live your life that's just the road map and reason for your existence.

  2. Passion: you only discover your talent from what you like doing , when you love what you do you will do it well that's just the truth, your passion drives your potential they work together. According to Steve Jobs the founder of Apple he said when he was thrown out of his own company at his early stage of life Passion Kept him go and finally he returned.

  3. Vision: with your potential and passion vision set it, it not a must you sleep and dream it could come out of imagination. Set goals, follow them up step by step. Vision will simply assist you just like a master gear as a youth you should see far they're a lot of problems without solutions you're created to solve them.

    4. Determination: be determined about your vision even when you face challenges stand on your toes that you won't turn back this element help professior wole Soyinka on a long way he failed nine times yet he was determined to be educated.

   5. Seriousness: Always be serious with your moves because time is one of the most precious thing we have has human, your age increase everyday also remember your not too small to break records neither you're too big to chase your dream.

 6. Selflessness: I do say never bring money first in building your talent when you do thst you die naturally, work just to help other not for money at first but as time goes on people will know and identify your potential then you get something in returns. Cultivate the habit of investing rather than spending {invest more and spend less}.

7. Total control: be yourself, make your decision yourself, think by yourself never allow any one to do that for you. Be in charge of your mind though your decision may be wrong at times but that will make you stand strong. 

8. Postive mind set: always believe in the word possibility you have Everything it takes to be successful. That will keep you going even when you face a lot of difficulty and challenges it works just like a fuel.

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