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Thursday, 7 March 2019

Three Ways to Prevent Drug Abuse in the Home

Ten Ways to Prevent Drug Abuse in the Home

Happy mother and son.
Everywhere we look and try to read valuable information about drugs, alcohol, addiction, and other factors of substance abuse, it seems that we are assailed with bad news and painful descriptions. It can get a little overwhelming. And that isn’t always what we need.

Those of us who have seen substance abuse, been face-to-face with it perhaps by seeing it in the eyes of a family member or loved one, we just need information on how we can help. We need to know what we can do to remove drug problems. We need to know what we can do to correct substance abuse issues. Probably most importantly, we need to know how to prevent substance abuse from cropping up in our homes and families.

Ten Ways to Prevent Substance Abuse

Parents often worry for their children, regardless of their age, that they might abuse drugs or alcohol. Some of the tools and methods that parents can employ might seem completely unrelated to drug abuse prevention, but there are connections here that may sit below the surface. Here is a list of ten strategies that parents can employ to ensure that their sons and daughters grow up safe, healthy, and happy:
1. Insist on healthy lifestyles in the form of healthy meals. 

Scientists have long since proven that unhealthy eating habits lead to other unhealthy habits. Unhealthy living begets unhealthy living, and so on. When young people are exposed to healthy eating habits, they are less likely to walk down a path of substance abuse.

2. Insist on regular and varied family time. 

Here’s another interesting tool that most families would not think of. Research from the National Association for Children of Alcoholics indicates that children of parents who spend a lot of time with them are less likely to become addicts later on in life.

3. Get the kids involved in family projects. 

Kids want to help out, even if they don’t seem to act like it. Getting them involved in family projects grows morality and asense of teamwork in the family, and that is a natural deterrent to substance abuse.

Source: Unknown.

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