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Friday, 6 September 2019

Humanity By Whalex gan gan is now 60,000 plus download streams

Adeyemo adewale Christopher popularly known as whalex gan gan....   Genre of music: Afropop, Afrobeat and Highlife....Till presently he remain  constant no 1 indigenous artist in Federal university  oye ekit.......(FUOYE)

5, 000nd whalex gan gan alukayeja who storm the social media 5month ago on 1st of march 2019, he was interviewed over is first anticipated single Tittle:HUMANITY in 2019, since nov/25/ 2018. Till april/10/2019 and presently, August/2/ 2019. On irokoTv,  TVC, AIT, TrybeTv, & Tv platform retweet. Strong radio tour is done for the track which aid more traffic,   pollution, virus of the song off street off air, street as being showing love for this mighty track on waving... Presently HUMANITY is now over 60,000nd plus downloaded times

 *HUMANITY* is a good feel music, is indispensable & meritorious lyrics
which talk about Crowded gathering to be successful grace cover achievement not only hardworking alone..

This song humanity as won different awards, and still going to win more.......
Download yours if you have not 
IG: @alukayeja

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